Understanding our astrology chart is the doorway; the effort to move through it is our own.  

Chani Nicholas

Zodiac Chart


Let's look at your natal chart together. I will give you information on how the planets uniquely influence your life. Curiosity and questions about your natal chart and the information provided are strongly encouraged throughout the session to support you gaining the clarity you need.  

There are no “bad” charts and each facet of a natal chart (and every human) has the potential to live out the best and highest expressions possible. The natal chart is the map, but we have the freewill and choice to choose the direction we take on our life journey. 

My intention is for you to walk away with greater awareness, acceptance, and self-love for all aspects of your psyche and your experiences. You will learn about the promise of your natal chart and how this can influence your personality and psyche.

An Initial Natal Chart Reading

gives you insight into how you function best as a unique and wonderful human being. This session will help you feel validated for exactly who you have been, who you are, and who you can be in the future. This session is for your first visit, so we can unpack the overview of your chart. 

A Natal Update

will provide deeper insight into what you are experiencing in your life can support you in making constructive changes from a place of empowerment and self-love. 

Based on the current planetary positions and how they interact with your natal chart, we will look at what areas of your life are highlighted at this time. This helps you hone in on where there is the highest potential to grow and make supportive changes in your life.