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Life coaching sessions and astrology readings

with an emphasis on self-care and

personal empowerment

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Jacalyn Nolan

Life Coach & Astrologer

I have experienced the benefits and self-growth that have taken place in my life from astrology and life-coaching, and I want to share this with others. They both offer extremely powerful tools to initiate and support mindful awareness, validation, and inner growth. My goal is to help people discover their personal power, find and practice loving kindness towards themselves, and integrate self-care into a daily experience. 

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Life Coaching 

Life coaching supports you in addressing areas of your life or experience in which you feel stuck. It provides you clarity based on your own inner wisdom and helps you to take empowered steps towards your desires.

Find out if we are a good fit with a free Exploration Session.

Zodiac Chart


Let's look at your natal chart together. I will give you information on how the planets uniquely influence your life. Curiosity and questions about your natal chart and the information provided are strongly encouraged throughout the session to support you gaining the clarity you need.  


Life-Coaching & Astrology Hybrid

We will identify areas of your life where you have felt consistently stuck using your natal chart and create goals, go deeper and make steps towards bringing your vision of who you want to be into reality.

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Co-create your future through learning more about what is unfolding in your life.
What is meant for you will never miss you.
Join me for online events that will give you insight into yourself and the people and world around you.