Understanding our astrology chart is the doorway; the effort to move through it is our own.  

Chani Nicholas


Coaching & Astrology Hybrid

Combining the practical applications of life coaching with the insight of the stars, the Coaching and Astrology Hybrid sessions will help us to identify where you have areas of stagnation in your life; feelings of being stuck or unable to grow. We will identify a path to where you want to be and create steps to get there. 


Initial Life-coaching and Astrology Hybrid

Using your natal c consistently stuck. Utilizing powerful questions and insight from your natal chart, this session will support you in creating, setting goals, and making steps towards bringing your vision of who you want to be into reality.

Update Life-coaching and Astrology Hybrid

This is a good session to choose after you have done an initial Life-Coaching and Astrology Hybrid session or an Initial Astrology reading. As a continuation of the initial readings, we can continue to dive into your chart using life-coaching strategies to move you through stuck areas in your life. This can also include utilizing current planetary positions (transits) to lend further support to working towards your vision and goals of what you want and manifesting these into reality.